Osaka's Secret Unicode Language Generator!

💖 Osaka's Secret Unicode Language Generator! 💖

Convert Roman characters to Unicode symbols and vice versa!


Osaka's Secret Unicode Language Generator (or OSULG) is a unicode-based encoding/decoding project by faithvoid. What it does is takes any Roman characters and converts them into random unicode characters, which can only be accessed by you or others if you save a "unicode_key.bin" file which is linked to the password you generate. This file will let you or anyone you allow decode your encoded messages, making this great for sharing things you don't want others to have easy access to!

How does it work?

You enter something of your choosing into either the encode/decode field (whether it be a word, a sentence, a link, etc.) and bam, you immediately get an encoded/decoded result! Every unicode pattern is randomly generated every time you open/refresh the page, so to save the unique unicode pattern you have in order to decode your messages, you can generate a 256 character password and save/load your "unicode_key.bin" file (and optionally your "password.txt" file, you can also just copy + paste it instead) which will restore that specific unicode configuration. You can then either keep that file private or share it with others along with the password to decrypt your messages.

How secure is it?

Not the most secure and not the least secure. Probably somewhere in a happy middle. Although the unicode is randomized with every refresh of the page and every unicode_key.bin is AES-encrypted and contains different unicode data for decoding messages, an incredibly experienced codebreaker could probably decrypt the standalone messages. But it's enough to give your average joe trying to snoop on your conversation a massive headache. Also nothing personal gets stored on this website at all, everything is done within your browser using good ol' HTML, JS & CSS!

Why is it called Osaka's Secret Unicode Language Generator?

I've been watching a lot of Azumanga Daioh and forgot how much I absolutely LOVE Osaka. We're both total space cadets with strange ways of speaking, and I love her accent, so I thought, why not name a program that technically makes "strange accents" after my favourite AD character? :) The rest of the name speaks for itself. It's secret, it's unicode, and it's being generated just for you!